Custom Orders/Repair

Special Orders & Repair Information and Instructions

Custom made : keychains, pet collars, bookmarks, wall decor, appliques *

*  I do not make any ITEMS which are contrary to Biblical Christian faith (Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Wicca, Satanic, New Age, Atheist/agnostic, LGBTQ, profanity, pronography etc.) This ONLY applies to the STYLE OR WORDING OF JEWELRY/ART requested. *



I use Miyuki Delicas 11/0 (occasionally also Toho Aiko 11/0) and Fireline thread for all bead weaving projects.  You may also request any of the beads on these sample cards online :

For custom made orders : If you would like to special order a customized piece or for large quantity custom orders, please submit as much information as possible - description, types, colors, sizes of beads, jewelry findings etc.

A deposit is required for all custom work - it will usually be the cost of the materials, and then the piece can be picked up or shipped on receipt of the remaining balance.

  If possible, include a sketch of what is desired and allow ample time for hand assembly and shipping.

I repair/restring BEADED jewelry for $10 an hour.
The charge for metal repair/soldering and stone setting (bezel only) is $20 an hour. 

I do not do watch repair.


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